The Women Are Stronger

The women are stronger. They always have been, at least in my life, anyway. There are strong men, too. Men that provide and protect, men that support and nurture. But for me, the women have always been stronger. 

This strength is inherent. It’s something we gain from the women who raise us and something we build through the experiences we go through. But, it is not isolated. It needs support; it needs encouragement; it needs the strength of others to reinforce it within ourselves. 

The idea for this piece came to me a year ago. One of the strongest women I know found herself in a situation beyond her control. She felt like her world was crumbling and there was little to grab hold to.  I wanted to make her a net… a network of strong, amazing women to catch her, to reassure her, and to lift her back to where she needed to be. 

This net is not just for her, it’s for all of us. It’s made up of the people we put in our corner… our cheerleaders, our team… the people that will root for us no matter what and push us to persevere when we need them the most. 

Through this process of making this piece and watching this strong, amazing woman regain her personal power, I have never been more sure… the women are certainly stronger. 

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